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G 1260 R - Turntable

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G 1260 R
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 Turntables are extremely sensitive mechanical playback systems, and this makes it essential to reduce all external mechanical and electrical influences as far as humanly possible. For this reason T+A approached this development from two directions: the one aiming to produce a totally constant, smooth-running drive motor, the other attempting to avoid structural sound, resonance and vibration throughout the system. The power unit we employ is a high-quality synchronous motor fitted with a precision-machined pulley, driving the turntable platter by means of a special rubber belt. This is an excellent solution which can be found in many High-End turntables. However, T+A did not stop there: instead we decided to tackle the problem of uneven motor running right at its root: over the last few years we have gathered a tremendous wealth of experience in using DSPs to control complex processes, so the T+A developers came up with the ingenious idea of optimizing the motor coil voltage curve using a DSP, with the aim of producing a motor which runs so totally evenly and smoothly that there is not the tiniest hint of jerkiness or vibration. The heavy turntable also starts into motion smoothly and evenly, with controlled torque transfer. Motor speed fluctuations are simply immeasurable, and this completely eliminates all the problems associated with unregulated drive motors. In conventional systems the motor speed is inevitably dependent upon mains frequency and voltage, but the T+A design eliminates this problem! And DSP motor control also offers yet another major advantage: since the motor’s rotational speed is controlled directly, there is no need to change the belt position when selecting the two available speeds (33 and 45 rpm).The turntable’s mechanical sophistication and case design are just as advanced as the electronic system, for they are also required to satisfy the most exacting requirements. Judder and vibration have an extremely serious adverse effect on sonic quality, and for this reason the G 1260 R is based on an extremely massive MDF case; this material has excellent damping qualities, and the case encloses all the sub-assemblies, with four shock absorbers supporting the main body. The external aluminum components are of composite sandwich construction, which is highly effective at damping structural sound, while the aluminum cover is glued to the main body in order to suppress and absorb vibration and resonance effects. The heavy pressure-cast disc platter is produced using a very accurate machine tool; it is machined to tight tolerances, and mounted on a zinc inner plate for de-coupling purposes. The friction of the large support area de-couples the platter perfectly, and eliminates all traces of structural sound. A thick layer of soft silicone rubber not only avoids damage to discs, but also provides further damping of structural sound. The platter is acoustically dead, and as such provides the best possible basis for the pick-up system to track the disc smoothly. The zinc platter is produced to such extreme standards of precision that the latest automatic CNC machinery is the only method of making it, not least because it is precision-turned a second time after the platter spindle has been pressed-fitted! This final process ensure total accuracy of the whole system. The tolerances for the brass plain bearing and the hardened and polished steel spindle are held to 5 µm.

We supply the G 1260 R with a high-quality tone arm which is made for us by REGA. The internally damped aluminum arm itself is produced in a single process using the pressure-casting process, while the counterweight is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The high specific density of stainless steel produces an extremely small but very heavy counterweight, and this minimizes the leverage forces acting on the tone arm. Upon request we are able to supply the G 1260 R already fitted with the outstanding Ortofon 2M bronze moving magnet pick-up cartridge.


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