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MP 1260 R - DAC / Network-Client

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MP 1260 R - DAC
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 This species of device represents the way forward for music reproduction. More and more music lovers are recognizing the advantages of stored music content for High-End listening. Nowadays almost every household has a computer network. This provides a straightforward method of storing music on network discs in any resolution (and therefore quality) that is desired. This stored music is then available to the entire household (network) - and thus everyone in the dwelling - in MP3 quality, as CD files or even to higher standards. It is worth noting that the sound quality of high-resolution or uncompressed data on hard discs is indisputably superior to that from the classic CD. For these reasons it was an obvious move for T+A to develop machines which exploit the great potential which exists in these media to a higher standard and with greater consistency, thereby helping to push these formats a significant step forward in the direction of High-End quality. The MP 1260 R is a thoroughbred audio device which is easily integrated into the home network and Internet, and offers the best possible audio quality. Please note that the MP 1260 R is NOT a computer. Instead it is a high-quality audiophile D/A converter into which additional capabilities have been transplanted, enabling it to make use of other digital sources such as a Streaming Client. In addition to this we have developed a network-capable processor board, featuring W-LAN, LAN, UPnP, USB and iPod interfaces. The net result is that the MP 1260 R can access anything and everything that delivers music: Internet radio, network music servers (NAS), USB media storage devices, MP3 players and iPods - including their control system. The machine also incorporates a high-quality VHF tuner, so that listeners can continue to enjoy good old analogue radio. The overall design and construction of the converter and sub-assemblies is based on those of the new CD 1260 R, and as you would expect it offers fantastic sound quality. For this reason we have equipped the MP 1260 R with two additional digital inputs, so that other digital sources can also benefit from its superb converters.

The back panel of the MP 1260 R shows the comprehensive facilities provided by this digital source device. These include the High-End analogue outputs of the quadruple converter and a jitter-free digital output. Two high-quality digital inputs (cinch and optical) are available for converting external sources (e.g. set-top boxes), enabling these sources to exploit the superb sound qualities of the MP 1260 R in the same way as the LAN, W-LAN, iPod and USB ports. A VHF tuner is also included. The MP 1260 R is connected via the “R-Link” data bus, and is remote-controlled like any other source device via the master unit in the R-system. An RS-232 update and control port is also present. 


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