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PA 1260 R - Integrated Amplifier

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PA 1260 R
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  Long ago, the legendary predecessor of this machine - the P 1230 R - wrote Hi-Fi history: it was selected by the specialist magazines as Hi-Fi device of the year so regularly that it was becoming rather monotonous. The device was so good, and so superior to the competition, that we built it for six years without making any modifications. However, now we have succeeded in improving it further by introducing the following new features: the latest generation of audio operational amplifiers (op-amps), which are so crucial in sound generation, are mounted on their own double-sided circuit board with power plane, voltage de-coupling and constant current by-pass. We call this sophisticated design feature OAD (Op Amp Decoupling), and it ensures that the op-amps have perfect conditions in which to work, guaranteeing unprecedented sound quality in conjunction with the High-End components.

Seven line-level inputs, two with input buffers for other makes of machine with higher impedance (TV and Tape 2) and supplementary symmetrical outputs make the P 1260 R the perfect control center of a High-End component system.


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